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TextBehind® is a secure global service and was created in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Economics

TextBehind was created to provide an easier, more affordable method of communication to the family, friends and their incarcerated loved ones nationwide. Additionally, our technology and process protects the correctional facility staff in many different ways.

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Most Recent Reviews
4.9 / 5.0 based on 844 verified customer reviews
S. Moore
Great idea and an amazing quick way to reach your loved ones!
E. James
I like this app
T. Nelson
This app is very recent for me. I have sent only one letter so far. I'm excited waiting for my reply. This so far has relieved some of my anxiety about sending and receiving to and from each other. I like the convenience of not having to worry about running out of stamps or having to not be able to send a letter I have written because the paper got dirty. Another thing I noticed is when I was reading the terms. At first it was very formal and not much "heart" in it. But then when I read on. Your heart popped out at me. I thought,"wow they actually show they really care!" This is awesome to me because I personally don't see much of this in my world around me. So thank you very much. I deeply appreciate this.
P. Garcia
The best